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Time for Life

2001 'Time for Life', containing the some of Alex's best work to date is released on the Alternativa independent label. Produced by Canadian Cece Giannotti and Catalan Joan Vinyals, the record has an intimate acoustic feel and features top musicians Roger Blavia on percussion. Nota Pares on Drums, Carlton Bacon on Bass guitar with Gaby Katz on acoustic guitar.
Signed copies with limited edition artwork are available exclusively via the Web.The record was recorded and mixed in just over two weeks at Estudio 84 inBarcelona engineered by David Middlehouse and mastered by Pedri Gonzalez at SGAE studios.

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Spanish Artist Montse Gonzalez has produced a series of five acrylics which make up the covers for each limited edition run of 500 records.
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Record companies Alex has worked with include:

Alternativa, BMG Ariola, Warner UK, Sony, EMI, Blanco & Negro,Tempo Music Arcade, Universal, Sony, Divucsa, Discmedi, Liquid Records, Max Music, PDI, Picap, Pioneer.

1- Tamboli
2- When you called me yours
3- Nobody like you
4- Waterfalls
5- Time for Life
I can't run
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