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Alex sings on three orchestral tracks on the Carles Casas soundtrack to the feature 'El Portero' (The Goal keeper) directed by Gonzalo Soarez and starring Meribel Verdú.


'Nobody Like you' a Warner Tales composition and production is chosen for a San Miguel beer TV commercial. Following its success on television Blanco y Negro records release the song as a single. An extensive radio campaign follows and the record is subsequently included in several compilations including Blanco y Negro's 'Bolero Mix' which goes Platinum in Spain.

Assisting BBB producer Jordi Cobino with vocal production and several vocal credits on Universal signed girl band '' on Zomba Published track and first single 'Told You'

Alex is asked by music producer Cesar Sala to sing on the soundtrack to Isabel Coixet`s beautiful and critically acclaimed feature film ‘My life without me’ starring Eleanor Watling And Deborah Harry and produced by Pedro Almodovar. The feature goes on to win two Goyas for 'Best Screenplay' and 'Best Original Song'. The film is selected for and wins best Exhibitors Film at the Berlin film festival.



1- Uncut Diamond
2- All around the world
3- Cold wind
4- Far away
5- Once in a lifetime
They say