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Alex puts his voice to a number of dance records for Blanco y Negro, Divucsa, and Urantia records including the songs, 'Drivers seat', 'Relax', 'Tempted', 'Lucky you', 'Eye in the Sky'' and 'A dose of Rock & Roll' , the latter is used in a high profile ad for Estrella Beer in Spain

In addition to advertising work, Alex shops self penned LP 'Songs' at Midem.

Blanco y Negro records 'Hooked on a feeling' gets to No 1 in Spanish singles charts topping Prince's 'The most beautiful girl in the world' and Corona's 'Rhythm of the night' and stays there
for five weeks- though originally undertaken as a vocal session only, Alex agrees to do some promotion including television appearances under pseudonym Tony Wilson. The record is released in England by Warner U.K and licensed to Sweden, France and Italy culminating in its inclusion on several platinum selling compilations from BMG Ariola, Blanco y Negro, Sony and Arcade.


1- Uncut Diamond
2- All around the world
3- Cold wind
4- Far away
5- Once in a lifetime
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