September 2012. Alex to voice the awards at the Global Thinkers Forum 2012 Excellence awards taking place in Amman Jordan on Sunday October 7th 2012.
The honourees this year include: HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan. Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post. Marianna Vardinoyannis, UNESCO Good Will Ambassador and Princess Rym of Jordan. Stephen Cole, senior news anchor for Al Jazeera will be the Master of Ceremony together with Elizabeth Filippouli.

September 2012. Alex narrates the Gourmet Coach tour which includes a Michelin starred Dinner.
This venture features a tour of beautiful Barcelona on a custom made twin decked coach followed by a dinner served by Michelin Starred Restauranter Carles Gaig. This amazing twin decked coach has been designed with the aesthetics of a restaurant. The organizers of this innovative service are Julia Travel, Barcelona Tourist board and Carles Gaig.I think I'll book a trip myself!!!Other recent guides include Museum guides for Antenna audio.

September 2012. Recent corporate and promos include Danone, Mercedes, Nocilla, Jack and Jones, VW and Nestle.

August 2012. Media Voice Films Pakistan hire Alex to voice a new documentary on the flood hit region of Badin .
Media Voice Films are an excellent production company dedicated to making documentaries on important social issues.

September 2012. Hired by Miami based agency Handle Like Eggs to voice further TV and Radio ads for Blackberry for broadcast in the Caribbean

August 2012. Alex Narrates 4 x 60 minute documentaries on African big Cats for Orbita Max and award winning Catalan film maker Jordi llompart
Great working with Jordi llompart on Orbita Max's beautifully produced documentaries filmed in Namibia. The last project we worked on was the 3D 35mm feature 'Magic Journey To Africa' where I sang on a John Ward penned song on the Soundtrack and dubbed the flying horse character.

August 2012. Alex voices 2 Nissan Micra TV commercials for broadcast in Bahrain.

United Health Group hire Alex for a corporate piece for Lifelens recorded via a live connection.

July- September 2012. Elearning assignments for the UK and USA include HP, Microsoft, Cisco and Roche

July 2012 . Australian trampoline company Vuly hire Alex for a national TV ad to be aired in Australia during the Olympic Games.

July 2012. Symantec USA hire Alex to voice new promo
In a three way connection with clients at Symantec HQ in California and in San Francisco, Alex recorded a new corporate video for the Software giant.

June - September 2012. Alex Voices a series of ads Washington based radio stations for US wood treatment company Deck Helmet

July 16 2012. Miami based studios hire Alex to record a series of Radio Ads for new Blackberry curve for the Carribean.

July 2012. Alex works with Sony Producer/ Composer Jordi Cubino and artist Patricia Navarro on the English version of a soon to be released Sony ATV song. The recording is tracked and mixed by mauri Tonelli at Auhra Studios.

July 2012.UK TV commercial for the DVD release of 'The Rise And Fall Of A White Collar hooligan' is voiced by Alex.
You can check out the commercial on Alex's youtube channel

June- July 2012. Museum guides include a piece on the voyages of Marco Polo for a Croatian Museum.

July 2012. hire Alex to voice their guides beginning with a tour of the Church Of The Holy Sepulchre.

July 2012. Torres Wine book Alex for new corporate video recordings.

July 2012. Work continues on brand new album with Robb Allan .
Have been working with Robb over the last year and we now have a new album's worth of tunes to record. Very excited about this project and enjoying it very much. We're finishing off lyrics now and have just recorded a new song in a beautiful sounding room (above) in the most amazing house in the mountains near Solsona Spain. Hoping for a Christmas-ish release!!

July 2012. Alex narrates Unilever's keynote Audiovisual for their 2012 convention in Paris.

July 2012. Alex voices new training course for international Fashion chain Jack and Jones

July 2012. Microsoft Pinpoint call Alex to voice another promo.

July 2012 . Venice's Londra Palace Hotel book Alex to voice their corporate promo

May 2012. Alex announces the awards at the 40th annual Fifi awards - the “Oscars” of the fragrance industry held at Alice Tully Hall, New York city on the 21st May.
Last night’s 2012 FiFi Fragrance Awards were presented by Golden Globe and Emmy winning actress and comedian Jane Lynch along with on-stage celebrity presenters: Carol Alt, Sam Champion, Tyson Chandler, Philippe Cousteau, Mariska Hargitay, Chaka Khan, Josh Groban, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin Navayne, Nicole Richie, Jessica Stam and Martha Stewart. Over 800 guest attended,

May 2012. Alex voices radio commercials for South Africa for the Celtic Woman 'Believe' tour taking place in Johannesburg and Cape Town in September 2012.

May 2012, Alex directs the dubbing for TV3's 30 Minuts documentary 'A question of honour' at International Sound Studios Barcelona.

March- June 2012. Alex records promos for clients including Audi, Nestle, La Caixa, The Barcelona World Race, Roche, Landscape (Pakistan) Schaefer, Maxell Batteries, Daiichi (Tanzania) Torres Wines (Chile), Corinthia Hotel london, Donuts and Danone.

May 2012. The main video for the Metropolis awards ceremony.
Metropolis, World Association of the Major metropolises, is the leading international organization that gathers cities and metropolitan regions with more than one million inhabitants.

May 2012. Alex spends a day in the studio working on a Sony ATV track penned by Jordi Cubino, The main voice is recorded by Operacion Triumfo's Patricia Navarro who did a great job!! Alex adds back up vocals to the track.

March 2012 Boeringer Ingelheim connect with Alex via Source connect in a four way live recording between, New York, Paris, barcelona and the Mid-West. Other Pharma recordings include Roche and The laboratorios Esteve Foundation

March 2012. Vueling Airlines hire Alex to voice their new in-flight safety instructions.

March - May 2012. recent museum guides include the Prado Museum and the Wax Museum, Madrid, Gaudi's La Pedrera in Barcelona

May 2012 Alex voices new regional TV commercial for Range Rover in the US

March- May 2012. Alex Narrates Hidden China Documentary
Have just voiced the first two episodes of Hidden China documentary for UK based media giant Content Media’. CCTV recently broadcast this remarkable landmark series about China and its 5,000 year old culture. Produced at a cost of $7 million, this remarkable series was filmed by the country’s most respected filmmakers who travelled over 100,000 kilometres through China’s provinces over an eight-year period capturing in HD the vivid history, scenery and ethnic diversity of China. The series explores history, architecture, faiths, landscapes, wildlife and music. The result is a visual encyclopaedia of China.

February 2012. Fashion label Jack & Jones hire Alex to voice several pieces for their in-store TV channels

December-January 2012. Alex voices a series of 5 Jazz FM radio commercials for the top UK based radio station.

January 2012. Alex voices UNAIDS info commercial.

January- February 2012. Alex records several promos for India including a promo/documentary on the amazing Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car.

February 2012 narrations include financial services ebook for Banc de Binary

Jan - February 2012 Promos and advertising work include Mitsubishi and Nissan.sing wor
Alex records additional promos for Nescafé (Spain) Cloogy (Portugal) Lifebuoy Soap (India) Microloans NGO (USA) Val Di Sole (Italy) Boxxio (Mexico) Nomad Inception (Dominican republic) Nestle (Spain) Documentary on Hidden China (USA) Flight Simulator (Spain) The Centre Turin (Italy) Lays Crisps, Tool Taco (Denmark) Nissan (spain)

February 2012 recent recordings include Atlantic Airways in flight safety Instructions
Have just recorded the in-flight safety instructions for Denmark/Faroe Islands based carrier Atlantic Airways.

December 2011 Alex narrates video for global think tank The Club Of Rome,
Recordings for International organizations include a narration for the Club of Rome, the global think tank dealing with a variety of international political issues. Founded in 1968 at David Rockefeller's estate in Bellagio, Italy.

December 2011 Alex narrates high profile spot for the United Nations World Food Programme.
The WFP is the largest humanitarian organization fighting global hunger. Alex's clients were based un the USA.

December 2011 Alex puts voice to announcements for The Kurdestan British Film Festival organized by the British Consulate-General, Bankside Films and the Kurdistan regional government;

December 2011. Alex voices a video for the The Organization of American States (OEA)
The OAS came into being in 1948 with the signing in Bogotá, Colombia. The Organization was established in order to achieve among its member states—as stipulated in Article 1 of the Charter—"an order of peace and justice, to promote their solidarity, to strengthen their collaboration, and to defend their sovereignty, their territorial integrity, and their independence." Today, the OAS brings together all 35 independent states of the Americas and constitutes the main political, juridical, and social governmental forum in the Hemisphere.

October - December 2011 International corporate and Internet work includes Mastercard (UK) Absolut Vodka (Mexico) and Bullionvault (UK):
Recordings for Mastercard (UK) Al Joufi Law Firm, (Saudi Arabia). Documentaries about the cities of Rome, Barcelona and Paris for Media Pro, Spain. Clima Veneta (Italy) Malaga FC (Sapin), Casa Grande Hotels (Brazil) Figueras Seats(Spain) La Caixa Foundation, Nordic Food Channel (Hungary) Arkuns Medical (Denmark) Kassab Jewelers (USA) Documentary of Interior designer Thomas Hamel (Australian Production)Atlas Copco (mexico),Ujima Radio idents Bristol (UK) One Mobility (Canada) ROCA (Spain) Absolut (Mexico)and the world's largest Bullion dealer Bullion Vault (UK)

October - December 2011. TV commercials and Cinema ads that include:
Switch IT Glasses for German Cinema, Land Rover (TVC regional USA) QNB (UAE) and THe Khaleej Times TVC (Dubai)

November - December 2011. Sports productions include the following narrations:
The International Sports Climbing federation (Clients Instructional Rugby training DVD (USA) Preproduction on cartoon series Barça Toons (Spain)

November 2011. The audiobook Anger Mode narrated by Alex is chosen as an Editor's pick at . the market leader in audiobooks.
The Audiobook was selected as an Editor's pick in November.

December 2011 .International work is going from strength to strength with recordings in for clients in 50 countries around the world

December 2011
Recent audio guides include Picasso's birth place in Malaga, The Tate museum's Miro retrospective for the Miró foundation Barcelona, The Episcopal Museum Vic, Catalonia and the Aiguestortes Parc. Work continues with Just your Trip / Walking Audio Tours wuth several new city guides - The company headed by Antonio Rodriguez have just joined forces with a leading Austrian Map company- so you get a map and a guide!!

September 2011 Work begins on new cartoon series Rupert and Sam with Alex directing the dubbing
Have just directed the dubbing for the first two episodes of Neptuno films new series Rupert and Sam which follows the adventures of a Chicken and Duck who find themselves marooned on a desert island after their plane crashes. Rupert and Sam are played by Rob Paterson and Richard Felix.The series is being recorded at International Sound Studio Barcelona.

September 2011. Royal Caribbean International's new video features a narration by Alex
Have narrated a video to be shown after the Captain's welcome introductions on cruises for Miami based cruise Line Royal Caribbean International. The first part of the recording was made in a live comnnection with clients in Miami USA and Cambridge UK and tells the story of the history of Royal Caribbean International..

September 2011. Digital Happy interactive put the final touches to new voice over site

September 2011. The Tate Gallery's Miro retrospective comes to Barcelona's Miro Foundation and the audioguide is narrated by Alex for Antenna International.

September 2011. With recordings for clients in more than 30 countries this year, recent International recordings include Qatar National Bank (QNB) commercials, Space Energy Terrestrial (USA), Bacardi,(ES) and radio ads for HSBC (SA)
Other recent recordings include Actimel, Danone, Echotech, IBM., Nestle, Brinks, Abertis, BCN Sports Film festivalTV commercial, Vueling, Amnesty International, Frutta Drink TV commercials, Pharmaton, Seat, Mastercard etc

September 2011. Audio book recordings include Swedish bestseller Anger mode
Am finishing the narration for bestselling Novel Anger Mode, written by Stefan Teganfalk and adapted into English by David Evans. I've really enjoyed the read and am looking forward to parts two and three of the best selling Swedish police trilogy.

June- September 2011. Ongoing educational projects include Just your Trip travel guides and elearning assignments for Mercedes, Microsoft and IBM.

September 2011. Music recordings include vocals on David Civera's new album, singing on three songs for a musical and a track for the launch of the new Seat Ibiza,
Have put down vocals for three tracks on successful Spanish artist David Civera's new album of covers produced by Xavi Ibañez. I've worked with David on several of his hit singles including 'Bye Bye' y 'Que La Detengan' with Alejandro Abad as songwriter and producer. Turkish songwriter Emre Soyer contacted me to put down vocals on three of his songs for an upcoming Musical. Really enjoyed the sessions in my studio with Emre. Recorded a song for a Seat Ibiza launch recorded at Cannonball Studios.

Jan- May 2011. Music Recordings include singing the title track to football cartoon series Inazuma Eleven, A cover of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall for a DVD production and a song for La Caixa Bank.
The cover of Another Brick In The Wall was produced by Carles Mateu and Pito Costa at Tales Music. Other recordings include three songs in the Voice of Papa Mole for an animation project that involves the projection of cartoon characters onto the dome of a Planetarium/s in the USA , recording a piece for Spanish Bank La Caixa written and produced by Chupy and Dani Espinet for BSO. I am collaborating with Turkish songwriter Emre Soyer on a dramatic stage musical project to be recorded in June. Alongside Robb Allan and Terry Mclean did a thoroughly enjoyable party/mini gig in Sitges. Work is also starting on my new album- so watch this space.....

Jan - April 2011. Among the 100 + recordings so far this year are corporate and advertising promos for Audi, Mercedes, Vodafone, LG, Novartis, Rexona, Pharmaton, IBMatrix, Torres Wine, Nestlé, QNB, LG, with museum audioguides for Seville and Alicante.

Jan - April 2011. Among the 100 + recordings so far this year are corporate and advertising promos for Audi, Mercedes, Vodafone, LG, Novartis, Rexona, Pharmaton, IBMatrix, Torres Wine, Nestlé, QNB, LG, with museum audioguides for Seville and Alicante.

May 2011. Alex completes narration work on the 6 part documentary for leading British Sports production company Sunset and Vine on the Barcelona World Race directed by Digby Fox.
Was a real pleasure to work with Digby Fox and his team on his beautifully put together series on the round the world yacht race 'The Barcelona World Race'. The series goes out on Sky in the UK, Canal plus in France and has been licensed to broadcasters in many other territories. The series has been one of the highlights of the year for me.

January - May 2011.Corporate and International promos featuring Alex's voice include Etihad airways (Nuance Int USA) Mercedes (Germany) Brinks Security (London) Missionpharma (Denmark) Forensic Detectives JK Sierra (USA) Binus University (Indonesia) and QNB Bank (Qatar)

January - May 2011. Documentary work includes directing the dubbing for a beautifully made 60 Minuts documentary 'Dry Rain'
The documentary on mediation and International conflict resolution was recorded at International Sound Studio with Sarah Davison narrating and included voice actors Ayesha Mendham, James Reid, Richard Felix and Brendan Price.

January 2011. Just Your Trip goes from strength to strength releasing new Walking Audio guides for Iphone with Alex narrating the English versions.
Guides for London, NYC and Paris are now online with more to come very very soon.

January 2011. International work is really taking off with recordings for clients in more than 30 countries in the last 12 months
These include Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Bahrein, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, China, Cypress, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago , Turkey, United Kingdom, UAE and the USA.

November- December 2010. Museum audio guides include the Matisse retrospective at the Alhambra Palace, A exhibition on British art at the Miro foundation, The Olympic museum and the Tapies Foundation.

December 2010. Advertising recordings include TV campaigns for Erdinger Beer (Singapore) and a UK TV ad for the Spanish tourist board.
Other campaigns include a Trade Skills advert (UK Television)and promos for Mercedes Benz C class, Sure deodorant, Danacol, VW Passat, Magnum, Seat, Smint, Dunkin Donuts, Eukanuba, Pattex, Bosch, Signal, Barcelona Sports Film Festival and Nescafe.

Alex Sings a cover of Goldfrapp's hit 'Ooh Lala' for the International TV campaign for Antonio Banderas's new fragrance 'The Secret'
Here's a link to the ad

September 2010. Alex is selected to voice the National UK Radio Campaign for award winning logistics company

September 2010. my new website aimed at International clients is now online.

September 2010. Italian drama documentary on the life of artist Giorgione is dubbed at Sounddub studios Barcelona with Jim Phillips directing and Alex as the voice of Giorgione.
Really enjoyed working on a beautifully made documentary on the life the great painterat Sounddub Studios .

September 2010. International assignments include recordings for Microsoft in the USA and recordings for other countries including China, UAE , France and the Lebanon.
Over the last few months I've recorded for clients in the following countries. ABB ( the largest Robotics company in China). Japan (Washi Beam) Qatar & UAE (QNB Qatar National Bank) the UK, Belgium, Poland, Microsoft Pinpoint (NJ, USA) Dubai, and Australia....

July 2010. Alex voices a Raimat Wine commercial for Swedish TV .

June - September 2010. Recent advertising recordings include VW Passat, Rexona, Bosch, Nestle, Dunkin Donuts , Magnum, Play pushchairs and La Caixa

June 2007. Voice Overs for International TV commercials include Granini Fruit Juice, Durex and Polaris World.
International ads I've voiced recently include : Granini for Finnish TV, Durex for some Arab countries and Polaris world for UK television.

May 2010. Commercials include an International Campaign for Lays featuring Leo Messi
Have just voiced three ads featuring football star Leo Messi for Lays/Walkers crisps part of the Pepsico group. The ads are now on line and are part of a pan-european TV campaign around the football world cup. You can check out one of the ads at

6 May 2010. Attended the premier of 'Magic Journey to Africa' at Barcelona's IMAX Cinema.
Was invited to the premier of 'Magic Journey To Africa' Orbita Max's 3D movie shot in Namibia.I went with my son Sam and we were taken on a magic journey indeed. Beautiful visuals and a story with an important spiritual dimension. I hope the movie really does well at the box office. I sang a song on the soundtrack written by John Ward and produced by John and David Giró. The recordings took place with Mauri Tonelli at the mixing desk at Auhra Studios.

January - May 2010. Have made a number of International recordings for the USA, The UK, Ireland, Madeira, Slovenia, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda and India
Recent recordings include a national US TV ad featuring US soccer team midfielder Landon Donovan for Flo TV who have the rights to broadcast the world cup on handheld devices in the US. Other recordings include TV commercial for Royal Sweets for Indian TV, promos for Eukanuba, Physiosupplies and Seatwave for UK production companies. A business programme intro for Bermuda TV, Narrating Oxford University Press's 'Against the modern world' by Mark Sedgwick for london based Audiobook publisher, a Jamieson Vitamins ad for Trinidad and Tobago, a real estate promo for Madeira/Portugal, character voices for soon to be released video game 'Jolly Rover' for an Australian company and recordings for Ireland among others......

Feb -April 2010. Recent voice work for corporate presentations and/or commercials include Orange, Audi and VW
Other recordings include Signal Toothpaste, rexona, Seat, Smint, Dewars Whisky, Novartis, Play and Tour, Activia, VW Polo, Control, Audi Avant, Bombay Sapphire, Almirall, and Dunkin Coffee and recordings for organizations and NGOs including Amnesty International, Fundacio Tapies, International Hydration Conference, Caixa sScial Projects and Unesco.

April 2010. Antonio Banderas releases a new Fragrance vocals on the TV ad are sung by Alex.
Have just sung a cover of a Goldfrapp tune for a new TV ad for Antonio Banderas's new Eau de Toilette. The Music was produced by Ramon Martinez and May at Lacrem.

Jan - May 2010. Documentary series include starting work narrating Thalassa for South African TV.
Recent documetary TV assignments have included starting work at the rate of two episodes a week on the long running French/Spanish/Canadian coproduction Thalassa which has been bought by a South african documentary channel. It's a fascinating TV series in a magazine format 50 minutes/ episode with two or three different Sea/fishing/nautical related articles. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and learning a lot!!. Have also narrated a 6 part documentary on Middle Europe for a Spanish publisher, and have recorded several promos for TV producer Media Pro and Media 3.14. A new documentary produced by Padi Productions on Adoption features three pieces of music from my last album 'Green To Blue'. The documentary was shot in the US, the UK and Spain and is a Padi Prods/TVE/ and TVC co production. Have narrated an educational DVD about the Orchestra for BNC productions.

December 2009. Alex works on a number of International voice recordings for clients in USA, UK, Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda, Spain, Slovenia, including a 600,000 word contract with a UK based Audiobook Publisher.
I've been increasingly busy with International recordings recently. I am currently narrating Isaac Walton's countryside classic 'The Compleat Angler'written in 1653, for a New Jersey based US clent and Audible.Inc. Recent jobs for other US based companies include an audio book on the Aztecs for an El Paso, Texas based publisher, corporate pieces for Ascot Diamonds, Oil company NOV Brandt, Narrating a short film in a live connection with two different LA based clents, an animated Christmas film for NY design company Dumbwaiter design and Book marketing trailers.

December 2009 Jan 2010. Recent audioguides and Museum narrations include Play and Tour City Guide for Singapore sponsored by Singapore Airlines.
Have just completed narrating an Audio guide for Singapore which is available for iphone and was sponsored by Singapore Airlines. NY is the next guide to be done in January. Audioguides for the PlayandTour company I have narrated so far, Include London, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice, Prague, Venice, Rome, Lisbon and Paris.

December 2010. Other recordings include video game narrations for Gaelco, elearning assignments for Nogginlabs and Microsoft, and business TV programme 'The Expert View'.

December/ January 2009. UK commercials include the 'Say No to the winter blues' campaign for the Canary islands Tourist board.
The canary Islands campaign featuring a Polar Bear that visits the Islands can be seen at Other UK campaigns include the Hannah Montana Dareway Christmas Ad, an ad for and a corporate piece for Quality Clinics.

October- December 2010. Documentary work includes directing the dubbing of the 30 Minuts documentary on Belgium 'Together or Separate' (TV 3) and promos for Media Pro.

June 2007. Work continues on New Album and live dates for UK confirmed for November
Things are going well with the album. It's a slow process but I think the results will be good. Currently tracking vocals /percussion. And recording the final touches from Joan Vinyals, Cris Fontecilla, Gaby, Joe and Roger. Cece Giannotti will hopefully be recording some Dobro too.

Alex dubs a series of Batuka DVDs produced by Grammy award winning producer Kike Santander and Paddy Productions.
Have just dubbed the voice of Batuka star José Expósito for a series of Batuka DVDs produced by Padi productions with Executive Producer Kike Santander, the Grammy award winning producer who has worked with many Latin stars such as Carlos Santana, Jennifer López, Gloria Estefan, Mark Anthony, David Bisbal, Celine Dion and Jon Secada. I really enjoyed the challenge.

Documentaries include narrating the voice of Catalan sculpture Jaume Plensa for a documentary about his work
Had the pleasure to work on a beautifully made documentary on the work of Catalan Sculptore Jaume Plensa for TVE. Other documentries I've recently contributed to include a piece on the plight of the Saharawis, and an audiovisual for the Cordoba Mosque.

November/ December 2009. Recent advertising and corporate work includes voiceovers for Santander, Audi A3, VW Touran, etc
Other recent clients include: Pharmaton, Actimel, Schweppes, Mahou Beer, Port of Barcelona and narrating a piece for an International Migraine Symposium.

October 2009. Audioguides / Exhibitions/Documentaries/ Shows include the British Museum's touring exhibition 'The Body Beautiful In Ancient Greece'
I recorded two sessions at International Sound Studios narrating sequences from the British Museums exhibition 'The Body Beautiful In Ancient Greece' which is currently on show in Alicante, Spain before going on to the National Museum Of Korea. It was beautifully produced and a DVD and Book are also available. Other recordings include narrations for Tricicle Theatre Group's International performances, audioguides for several major European Cities now available on i-phones, and audioguides for The Saint James Way, The Mesquita de Cordoba and the Alhambra palace in Spain.

July -October 2009. Music assignments for TV, Film and CD
Have just sung and alongside my music partners Carles Mateu and Pito Costa, co-written and produced a TV ad for Spanish insurance company Asefa . At Digital 360 studios, really enjoyed putting down vocal tracks with Sarah Davison, for both the theme song and closing credits to Cromosoma Films 'Asha' series- We had a laugh with Cuti at the mixing desk. Have been asked to sing on the soundtrack to the 3D feature 'Magic journey to Africa'. Pito Costa's latest CD 'Silent Running' contains 4 songs sung by me and the Soundtrack To the feature Cher Ami with a number of tracks co-produced by Emilio Alquezar, myself with a score by Manel Gil, is now commercially available. I'll also be working on songs with Sony/ATV songwriter Jordi Cubino over the next few months. Jordi's credits include Toni Braxton/ Il Divo/ David Bisbal/ Marta Sanchez amongst many others. Looking forward to it!! Also want to get going on my new album..........

July/ September 2009. Recent TV ads include a UK commercial for the Hannah Montana Dareway, the Madrid Olympic Bid, and Internet ad for Eristoff. Recent corporate recordings iclude Banco Santander,Revidox, LG, Danone, Revidox, Actimel, PC Fit, Media Pro, Tarradellas, and Mediamarkt.

June. Recording and mixing Guateque Town live show.
Along with Jim Phillips have just recorded Sarah and Mary Davison's live show 'Guateque Town' at the live venue El Monasterio- great fun to do and the recording has captured the spirit of the performance.

June 2007.Recent corporate voice overs include Volkswagen, Ambipur, Siemens, Revlon, Seat, Danone and Nescafe

October 2009. Recent dubbing jobs include IMAX 3D feature 'Magic Journey To Africa'
I dubbed the Flying Horse in Orbita Max's 'Magic Journey To Africa'. Work continues on Cromosoma Series 'Asha' the dubbing is directed by Sarah Davison and I play the part of Asha's father. We've just finished the first episode of the animated series featuring the adventures of the intergalactic travelling dog 'Astronimo'- I play the dog! Also dubbed another canine character for a puppet based childrens series, a pig (one of the three pigs) and other characters for a series of fairy tales with a twist, a documentary pilot on Football for Media Pro and several other trailers and pilots to be presented at the Mipcom TV festival in Cannes next week.

October 2009. Recent International work includes audiovisual narrations for companies in the USA, Bermuda and the UK
Over the last couple of months I've been involved in several 'at a distance' recordings, working with clients based overseas. These jobs include a US Dungeons and Dragons game, a narration for Texas Oil Company NOV Brandt, a radio commercial for a US based theatre production of Disney's 'The Jungle Book, narrating two videos for Bermuda based companies and completing 4 Audiobooks on social/political/theological subjects for a UK based audiobook Publisher.

20/3/ 2007. Recent TV ads sung by Alex include a cover of 'Sunny ' for Sunbites and Joe Cocker's'You're so Beautiful' for the 'Comunidad de Madrid'
Recent TV ads include singing a cover of 70's hit 'Sunny (one so true)' for BSO studios for a 'Sunbites'campaign and a cover of Joe Cocker's 'You're so beautiful' recorded via ISDN connection with Madrid for the Madrid department of health. A couple of weeks ago sung a new station ID jingle for Radio Marca composed and produced by old Gringos mate Josep Sanou.

June 2009. Alex voices new UK TV ad for Paco Rabanne Black XS.

May/June 2009. Alex collaborates with award winning director Juan Antonio Bayona on his new production for Apaches Entertainment, a trailer for Director Bigas Luna’s new film project and with dubbing director Nick Chapman on animated feature ‘The adventures and misadventures of Don Quixote’.
Alex collaborates with Goya award winning director of ‘El Orfanato’ Juan Antonio Bayona on his new production for Apaches Entertainment.Voices a trailer for Director Bigas Luna’s new film project and dubs various characters for Milimetros Films', ‘The adventures and misadventures of Don Quixote’ animated feature with dubbing director Nick Chapman.

Cher Ami to premiere in 120 Cinemas from 19 of June. The premiere is tomorrow night.
I've been invited to the premiere of Cher Ami tomorrow, an animated feature seven years in the making and with over 200 people involved in the production. It's being distributed in Spain across 120 cinemas and I think really deserves to do well at the box office. I co produced four tracks for the soundtrack and directed the dubbing in the English version of the feature. The orchestral score by Manel Gil was recorded with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and the film is directed by Miquel Pujol. The original soundtrack including songs sung by Nina is available on JMB/Karonte ediciones.

April 2009., Alex's new voice work website with an International focus is now on-line.

March 2009. For the Cannes festival MIPTV there have been several trailers and pilots for Cromasoma films.
Have voiced a number of characters in some funny and well put together trailers and pilots for Cromosoma films over the last few weeks, including an animation series with fruit and vegetable characters, and a series based on an cartoon astronaut. Dani Zacarias was at the recording helm. I also helped out organizing the dubbing of a pilot sequence from a new feature in production called Xylacom which has a great script and good prospects. If all goes to plan, the film will feature the talents of Josh Zamrycki, Richard Felix and Brendan Price. The piece was recorded at Vadeaudio with Manel Gil and Gerard.

Feb- April 2009. Corporate and/or advertising campaigns voiced by Alex include Coca Cola, Seat, Clipper, LG, Orangina, Racc, Freixenet, Almirall and VW Polo.

Feb / March 2009 Warner Tales Music assignments include writing and producing music for a campaign for US Software company Sage, and a 12 minute corporate piece for Symach commissioned by ADB studios. Warnertales are also negotiating a new license for their Bioslim music for a new TV campaign.

Feb- April 2009. Narrations for organisations and Institutions include The Caixa Foundation, The Palua de la Generalitat, the consorci de la zona franca and Spain's Paradores
I have just voiced a new anti drugs campaign for the Caixa foundation, and have begun a series of 100 gastronomic recipes for Spain's Paradores organisation. Also completed a DVD on Reiki and an AVisual introduction to Barcelona's, Palau de la Generalitat.

April 2009. Environmental CD for the USA -'Oceons are talking to you' features a Warner/Mateu/Costa/Ward/Lardner penned track.
Great to work with top singer-songwriter -producer Sam Lardner on an album project with the aim of spreading the word about the damage being done to the world's oceons. The Warner Tales track 'Hey You' has been given a new lease of life and a new lyric. We've been tracking vocals and it's almost ready to go........

26 March 2007. Good Luck to the Barcelona bid for the World Athletics Championships 2013.
Last week I narrated three DVDs for Barcelona's pitch for the World Athletics Championships 2013. Yesterday a 27 person team including BCN's Mayor Jordi Hereu and Judith Mascó arrived in Mombassa, Kenya for presentation of the 55 Million Euro bid. They are up against Moscow and Brisbane. 40 minutes to present their case including the three videos and 20 minutes question and answer afterwards. The results will be known tomorrow so fingers crossed!!Good Luck....

January 3 2008 . Two TV ads for Planeta go out with music composed and produced by Warner Tales.
Pito Costa, Carles Mateu and myself have just got together to record two Planeta ads for our client the production company El Film Del Mundo. As always it was great to work together.

March 2009. Alex sings 'I believe in miracles' for Spanish TV ad for Panrico.
The music was produced by Cesar Sala (Chopsuey) and was great to work together on the Hot Chocolate classic.

January 2009. Productions I've worked on this month include Filmax's animated feature 'Perez The Hairy Toothfairy 2' and TV Movie 'Wasahali'
Had fun working on the new Perez Film at 103Todao studios with Jim Phillips who directed the dubbing in the movie. I dubbed the same character as in the first film, namely 'Rata' a singing street-wise Rat. There were a couple of songs in the feature which I recorded later that week also at 103. I played a manic monkey twin in the animated TV film 'Wasahali'about Africa. Initially an educational theatre production with a film backdrop, it has now been made into a telemovie. It was great fun to be involved in the production and the dubbing was directed by Faye Hadley.

January 2009. Alex narrates two audiovisuals for Spain's La Caixa Bank and the TV3 Telethon.
Have just recorded two new pieces for the Anti- Drug campaign promoted by La Caixa savings bank's foundation and an audiovisual for their Cosmocaixa Science museum. Also narrated a very well put together short film for the 'Channel 3 Telethon' produced by the Agency Bassat, Ogilvy.

January 2009. Recent corporate recordings include pieces for Lays, Medifiatc, Danone, Roca Fittings, Torres Wine, The University of Valencia, Bellota Tools and Ferrer Pharmaceuticals,

December 2008. Connie the Cow and Little King Macius are being broadcast on the Disney Channel in Spain.
While zapping the other day, came across an episode of Connie the Cow on Spain's Disney Channel. Both english and Spanish versions are available. There are four 26 episode series in total- two recorded in the UK and two here in Spain and they're being broadcast together The series has enjoyed quite a bit of success worldwide having been licensed to Disney UK and Noggin (Nickleodeon in the US)among many other territories. I narrated two complete series and it was of the jobs I've most enjoyed doing. Little King Macius with the dubbing directed by Josh Zamrycki is a French/German/Polish and Spanish co production and is playing around 4 times a day on Disney Spain.

December 2008. Alex Narrates a documentary/historical DVD on the Christmas story at sonilab Studios.

December 2008. The final episode of Zoomix (number 104) is completed at International Sound Studios with Alex narrating.
The Zoomix series which I narrated for Neptuno films has been completed. The series featured 104 different animals and was great fun to work on at International Sound Studios. It's the type of narration job I most enjoy doing. Zoomix has already been licensed to Disney Latin America among other territories. Hopefully Neptuno films will think of 104 more animals for another series!!

December 2008. Recent voice work includes corporate pieces for Panasonic, BMW and Danone and recordings for the Tricicle Theatre groups new show 'Garrick'..
Other voice jobs include pieces for Novartis, Panasonic, Budweiser and BMW, a DVD on safety in the construction industry, a series of twenty videos and audioguides for San Blas Natural park in Tenerife, and further audiovisuals for Superleague Formula, Seat and Danone. I voiced some pieces for theatre Group Tricicle's most recent production 'Garrick'.

December 2008. Recent advertising work includes a UK TV ad for Dareway, an in flight ad for the IESE business school and a TV piece advertising Marina D'or real estate in Arab countries.

Feb & March 2007. Voice overs include TV commercials for Megablocs in the UK and Ireland and corporate pieces for Alfa Romeo, Movistar, Nestle and Danone.
In addition to the recordings above have just completed narrating an hour long documentary co produced by TV3 and AVVIDEO Spain titled 'L'altre Barcelona. (The other Barcelona) and a piece for the Miró Foundation in Barcelona.

20 November 2007. Alex sings a cover of 'Every Breath You Take' for a La Caixa campaign
Have just sung a version of the Police's 'Every Breath You Take' for a TV and radio campaign for Spanish bank La Caixa. It was a BSO production by Chupi and Dani and as always it was great to work together. Chupi has also played Hammond, a great Hohner Funky Clav and Fender Rhodes on quite a few tracks of my new Album.

October 2008. Animated TV Movie 'Kylo, Mr Pocket and friends' with the dubbing directed by Alex and Xavier Llorenç is mixed at Lapospo Studios
Had fun working on this TV movie recorded at Tatudec Studios Barcelona and featuring the talents of Amber Ockrassa as Kylo and Molly Malcolm as Mr Pocket. The storyline and characters were very strong so let's hope the film does well!!Thank you to Xavier Llorenç for your support!!

October 10 2008. Gisela records title track 'Don't Stop Believing' for upcoming feature 'Ratoncito Perez 2' . The song is co written by Alex who also sings on both the Spanish and English versions.
I really enjoyed last weeks session at Auhra studios with Gisela as we tracked both the English and Spanish versions of the title track to Filmax's up and coming feature 'Perez the Hairy Tooth Fairy 2'(Ratoncito Perez 2). Gisela did a great job and was a pleasure to work with. As well as co writing 'Don't Stop believing' with Emilio Alquezar and Oscar Araujo I sang back up vocals on both the English and Spanish versions. The feature is due in Cinemas before Christmas.

October 3 2008. Cher Ami premieres at San Sebastian and Sitges Film festivals
last night I was invited to the premiere of Cher Ami (Flying Heroes) at the Sitges film festival. Was great to see the final results of this animated movie that's been 7 years in the making. A wonderful script and characters that it's impossible not to connect with!!. It's been a great pleasure to work on the production with Director Miquel Pujol, Manel Gil and Emilio Alquezar. I hope the film achieves the success it deserves.

September 2008. 'Change the world' co written with Jordi Cubino is taken on by Dreamworks.
The song 'Change The World' recorded last year with top North American singer Elisabeth Gray for Sony ATV Publishing, has been taken by Dreamworks USA for an upcoming production. I'm not sure of the film title as yet but it looks likely we will have the chance to work on more songs for the project.The song was one of three recent Sony/ATV tracks I've worked on including Marta Sanchez's 'One and Only' and 'Casanova' sung by Gisela.

July/ September 2008. Recent recordings include voicing pieces for UNESCO and Superleague Formula racing.
Have recently put my voice to a new UNESCO campaign championing and officially recognising the importance of the Mediterranean Diet. At the end of July I was called to voice another promotional piece for Superleague Formula, a new motor racing series with teams sponsored by and bearing the colors of prominent football clubs including AC Milan, Liverpool F.C Olympiacos CFP, FC Porto, Borussia Dortmund, AS Roma, Tottenham Hotspur, PSV Eindhoven and Rangers, Unfortunately we couldn't make the first race that took place at Donnington at the end of August.

September 5 2008. Nina sings two songs for the Soundtrack to Flying Heroes produced by Emilio Alquezar and Alex
Back at Auhra studios last week for a recording with Spanish Singer Nina for two songs for the Soundtrack to 'Cher Ami- Flying Heroes'. She did a great job of both songs which were composed by Manel Gil and were co produced by myself and my great friend and mentor from Duy Sonido days, Emilio Alquezar. The orchestral soundtrack was recorded with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.

September 2008. Recent advertising and corporate voice work includes recordings for BMW, Nokia and Danone.
Over the last few months recordings I've put my voice to corporate and/or advertising pieces for BMW, Nokia, Danone, Paco Rabanne, Lays, Seat Ibiza, Magnum, a number of audioguides and a recording for Spanish theatre group Tricicle.

June 2008. More than 52 episodes of Zoomix have now been recorded at International Sound Studios with Alex Narrating.
Have now completed narrating half the series Zoomix for Neptuno films. It's a beautifully made production about animals for pre school children and I've have really enjoyed the recordings at International Sound Studios in Barcelona. Neptuno films have come to an agreement with Disney Latin America for the series there.

May/ June Cromasoma begins production of Asha series
The production company Cromasoma well known for their 'Triplets' series have begun dubbing the new 52 episode series 'Asha'. Based on the life of Asha Miró who came to Barcelona as a small girl from India, the story follows the adventures of Asha and her pals in the Mediteranean City. Sarah Davison is directing the dubbing and I'm playing the part Asha's father. Coordinating the production is Dani Zacarias.

June 2008. Acoustic Music/ Rough Trade release Green To Blue on Friday the 13th with a radio, press and retail campaign.
'Green to Blue', my new album is officially released in Germany on June 13th (Friday hopefully not unlucky!!) with a campaign that includes Radio, Press and retail promotion. We are currently organizing some concerts for later in the year. Many thanks to Peter Finger and everyone at Acoustic Music Records/Rough Trade for the work you have put in and your faith in the album!!

25 October. UK concert next Saturday. Mixing the New CD 'Green To Blue' the following week at Auhra Studios, and Mastering at Sterling Sound New York.
Joan Vinyals, Cris fontecilla and myself are getting set for a gig in my home town of Stroud. The concert starts at 8pm at The Space landsdown road, Stroud and tickets are still (I think)available at kanes Records and the Stroud Subscription Rooms. Can't wait to see everyone!!Really looking forward to it!Thank you to Steve Wilce and Andy Bateman for your help setting things up!!!

June 2008. Alex and Emilio Alquezar to produce songs for the soundtrack to the 'Flying Heroes' animated feature.
Have been commissioned by Manel Gil the composer of the Soundtrack to produce four songs including the title track to the animated feature co produced by Accio/TVE and TV3 and directed by Miquel Pujol. The film has been 5 years in production (I think the budget is around 7 million euros) and the Soundtrack is being recorded with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra in July. Great to work again with Emilio Alquézar, my mentor from the Duy Sonido days. The songs are taking shape and we're looking for a great singer for the title track.

Jan 2008. Donkey Xote soundtrack is out on Filmax Music with three songs sung by Alex
The Donkey Xote soundtrack is now available. I sung three covers for the feature. The Clash's 'I fought the Law', John Barry's 'Born Free' and 'Games People Play' by James South. I had the opportunity to work with two wonderful singers on the Soundtrack. Firstly, Marta Sanchez who sung Jordi Cubino's theme tune 'One and Only' (I adapted the song into English for Sony/ATV Music)and also Elizabeth Gray a great American singer based in Madrid.

May 2008. Warner Tales produce and record 4 childrens songs for recording studio Takemaker.
Got together with Carles Mateu and Pito Costa my partners at Warner Tales to record four songs for Takemaker studios including a piano ballad version that I sang of the song 'I can see a rainbow' song. I'd never realized what a beautiful melody it had! As usual it was great working together and lunch at Cayo Largo in Badalona was fantastic!!

May 2008. New track 'Change the World' is put on hold by Sony/ATV publishing in North America while Casanova sung by Gisela falters at Eurovision.
Good news from the US is that a song 'Change the world' that I co-wrote with Jordi Cubino for Sony/ATV has been put on hold in the States by Sony. It was originally aimed as an Olympic pitch for China 2008. More news as and when the artist performing the song is confirmed. Back to Europe, and Gisela did a great job of performing Casanova at the Eurovision contest in Belgrade. She didn't make it through to the final but the BBC presenter during the semi final said the song was her favourite. Casanova which I adapted into English is now being released on a number of compilations including the official Eurovision album.

May/June 2008. Voice work includes a TV ad for San Miguel beer and corporate work for Adidas, Pioneer, Honda and Danone
Other recent spoken voice recordings include Vodafone, Torres wines, several audio museum guides and megaphone anouncements for the F1 race at the Montmelo track which I went to with my son. In May also sang the title track to Christmas Animated film Santa vs Claus for a production company in Madrid.

29 March 2008. Alex interviewed by David Escamilla for Catalunya Radio's Saturday magazine 'El Suplement'.
Thank you to David Escamilla for our interview and his subsequent piece for Catalunya Radio's Saturday magazine 'El Suplement'. Apparently it's the audience leader with 300,000 listeners to the programme and thanks to David's sensitive post -production it sounded much better than I could have hoped for! My spoken Catalan was (and is)still pretty dodgy-so apologies for that!

1 March 2008. Alex narrates brand new series Zoomix produced by Neptuno films at International Sound Studios.
Really pleased as I've been asked to narrate the new 104 x 3 minute episode animated pre school series about animals Zoomix for Neptuno films. We've done around 15 episodes so far and on the 2 April we record the next batch of 10 episodes at top dubbing studio -International Sound Studio, Barcelona. The series is beautifully made and in each episode we discover a diferent animal. It is Directed by Josep Viciana.

March 2008. Cromasoma Films contact Alex to direct the dubbing for new series 'Lila' and 'Asha'.
We've just dubbed the first episode of 'Lila' produced by Cromosoma Films and with a screen play by top London writer Rachel Murrell whose work includes 'The little Princess' and 'Bob the Builder'. Rachel came to the sessions last week and along side Dani Zacarias and Jordi from Cromasoma we had a fun marathon one day recording session. Looking forward to the challenge of directing!! Asha goes into production from May. With Mipcom coming up in Cannes have also been involved in several other pilots for Cavin Cooper Productions among others.

28 March 2008. Alex puts his voice to TV campaigns for Smint, Polti and Polaris World.
Recent voice work includes TV ads for Polaris World (UK), Polti(Italy) and Smint(Spain) with corporate pieces for Seat, Volkswagen, The Egyptian Tourist Board, Teka (ovens) Torres (wine) and a series of audioguides for six major European cities. Other guides included the Toy Museum and Jewish Museum of Gerona with Sarah Davison.

February 2008. Alex puts his voice to the documentary 'The Man who Unfolded a Thousand Hearts' for Media Pro
In February I voiced the thoughts of renowned Doctor, Paco Torrent Guasp in the documentary about his life for Media Pro. Molly Malcolm narrated the documentary. Paco Torrent Guasp, a family doctor in a coastal village in Spain, toiled alone during 20 years until he found the answer to one of medicines biggest questions: the heart is a single muscular band folded over itself in a helical pattern. His discovery is a medical revolution: doctors have now a map that allows them to understand what goes on when a heart fails. However, Paco had to fight for another 20 years to see his work recognized.

15 Jan. 2008. Acoustic Music Records and Rough Trade to release 'Green To Blue' in Germany.
Great News....Just got an email from Peter Finger MD of Acoustic Music Records in Germany to say they'd like to take on the album for Germany/ N. Europe with distribution via Rough Trade. I'm really pleased!!

January 10 2008. Alex voices new UK television campaign featuring Bob Dylan for the ExpoZaragoza 2008
I've just recorded the UK voice over for the Expo 2008 in Zaragoza. The campaign features Bob Dylan with a his specially recorded version of 'A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall' which links in to the Expo's main theme of 'Water and sustainable development.

February/ March 2007. Recording begins on new album at Auhra Studios Barcelona. Songs produced by Joan Vinyals, Cris Fontecilla and Alex.
We've been tracking guitars and vocals after a week recording at Auhra studios with Mauri Tonelli engineering. The studio band includes Joan Vinyals, Cris Fontecilla, Gaby Katz, with a rythm section comprising Roger Blavia and Joe Lewis. Really pleased with the results so far so thank you to all of you.

October 10. Spanish singing star Marta Sanchez records 'One and Only' for the Soundtrack to Filmax's 'Donkey Xote'. Alex also sings two further tracks for the feature.
Spent a day in the studio with Spanish Singing Star Marta Sanchez as she sang the English version of 'One and Only' which I co-wrote with songwriter/producer Jordi Cubino. I subsequently recorded two further lead vocal tracks for the Soundtrack including a cover of the Clash's 'I fought the Law' at Auhra Studios with Jordi producing. Marta has a fantastic voice and works very very hard.

28 December 2007. Two reviews from the November concert in the UK
Here are a couple of reviews for the Gig Joan, Cristo and myself played at 'the Space' in my hometown of Stroud. It was a sell out and wonderful to see so many friends and familiar faces- wouldn't have missed it for the world. Having just been to the UK for Christmas I also dug up my very first review from the very same paper 'The Stroud News and Journal' which was probably around 1976/77!!!

December 2008. Recent voice work including documentaries, international ads and audioguides.
Recent recordings include voice overs ads for the company Polti for Italian and Spanish TV. Narrating the TV3 documentary 'Colors' with Ellen Gould. Audio guides for the Museum of Exhile in La Jonquera Spain, the Miró Foundation and the museum of Lugo, Galicia and corporate work including Honda, Seat, Matutano etc.

January 2008. Green To Blue is available Now.
My new album Green To Blue has been pressed. It's three years since 'Uncut Diamond' and great to have finally finished things. I think it's my most personal CD to date and I really hope you like it too. Many thanks to all of you who have been involved and/or have bought the CD. Green To Blue is currently available at, itunes and various stores in Spain and the UK. I'll keep you informed about live dates etc.

Jan 14 2008. Casanova sung by Gisela is confirmed as Andorra's Eurovision bid
The song 'Casanova' composed by Jordi Cubino with a lyric I adapted into English, has been chosen as the Eurovision entry for Andorra. It was fun working with Jordi in the studio with Gisela and the song is very very catchy - so fingers crossed!!The English version of the song has been chosen for the competition.

25 February 2007. Singing, co-writing and recordings for Sony Music with hit producer Jordi Cubino.
Have been working with Jordi Cubino at Auhra studios, Barcelona on some new songs for Sony Music that include singing the main vocals on a track for Filmax's 'Donkey Hote' and backup vocals on several other Sony songs.

October. Recent Voice work includes UK Radio and TV ads for ClickAir, Dareway and Polaris World. Corporate work for Novartis, Nissan and BMW.

Febuary 2007. Warner Tales produce music for Freixenet Cava DVDs and 'Flic N Lic' TV Commercials.
Over the last couple of months we've been busy with a number of music to picture commissions. Have just completed the music for two videos for Freixenet, an International ad for 'Flic N Lic' candy and a series of traditional Spanish childrens songs for a DVD project.

February 15 2007. Dubbing work continues on French cartoon series 'Phantom Spirit' & Little King Macius and animated features 'Ratoncito Perez' and 'Christopher Tremendous'
Dubbing seems to have hotted up over the last few months. Have been working with Nick Chapman and Josh Zamrycki at Sonilab on the two TV series and dubbed a Rat character and sung two songs including the closing theme to Filmax's'Ratoncito Perez' directed by Jim Philips. Also enjoyed dubbing the king in 'Cristopher Tremendous' animated feature at Audioprojects studios.

October 2007.Alex puts his voice to the opening presentation and inaugeration of the Sitges Film festival
I put some narrative voices for a really nicely made AV presentation for the inaugeration ceremony at the Sitges Film Festival.

July2007. Alex narrates the documentaries 'Wings Over Antarctica and 'Who Killed Walter Benjamin' for Mediapro and Mediaanimacion.
Enjoyed working on these two documentaries. One on the tragic death of the Jewish Philosopher Walter Benjamin as he fled from Nazis. The film was co-produced by the Goethe Institut and the European Association for Jewish Culture. 'Wings Over The Antarctic'- a Media Pro production follows the adventures of parachutists who have developed 'wings' and their world record breaking jump/flight.

20 October. New Audio guides for the Miró foundation and the Venecian art exhibition at Barcelona´s La Pedrera voiced by Alex and Sarah Davison.

28 December. The Warner Tales team produce the soundtracks for two Planeta Agostini TV commercials.
In late December, Pito Costa, Carles Mateu and myself got together to compose and produce two TV ads for Planeta Agostini's 'Superheroes' collection for our client the production company El Film Del Mundo . We had fun recording as always and the aprés session/ Christmas Paella at Cayo Largo in Badalona was spectacular!!

October 25. Good News as 'Hey You' composed and written by Alex, Carles Mateu and Pito Costa is chosen for a TV campaign for Catalonia's Generalitat.
It's great when a song written a while back gets a new lease of life(8 years back in this case!) . We've licensed the song for use in a TV campaign for the Generalitat of Catalonia. Originally recorded for WestOne a group we were working with in 1999. They scored a hit with another of our songs 'let Me Into Your Heart' Blanco y Negro records -subsequently remixed by Toni & Xasci Ten it went into the Spanish Chart.

23 December 2006. Dubbing begins on animated series 'little King Macius' with Joshua Zamrycki directing.
Just before Christmas we dubbed the first 4 episodes of cartoon series 'Little King Macius' directed by Josh Zamrycki at Sonilab Studios and produced by French Animation company Ellipsanime (part of the Universal group) - The series follows the adventures of the little king and his pals who try to foil the plans of the evil General (my character). Had a great time in the studio and really looking forward to the next 22 episodes....Here are a couple of stills from the series including my character.

POOL OF ARTISTS now booking Alex Warner Trio for Germany.Tel: 00 49 (0351) 848 70 85
Dunja Averdung is booking dates for the trio In Germany(Joan Vinyals, Cristo Fontecilla and myself)We look forward to returning again soon. For further contact details click on info

22 December 2006. Recent recording sessions for Sony Music release featuring hit producer/writer Jordi Cubino and Spanish recording star Gisela.
Have just adapted a new track for Sony Music featuring Spanish Singer Gisela and written by hit producer Jordi Cubino. The recording went really well at Auhra studios in Barcelona with Mauri Tonelli engineering. A very very catchy song sung by a great Singer- I think it's going to do well!!Jordi's recent compositions include the Worldcup theme sung by Toni Braxton and IL Divo and David Bisbal's 'Corazon Latino'.

December 2006. Recent dubbing credits include animated feature 'Scruff' for D'Ocon and a TV movie for Filmax 'A Xmas Tale'
Enjoyed dubbing a little cameo as the mad professor in 'A Xmas Tale' for Filmax's directed by Jim Phillips and a few of the supporting characters in a new 'Scruff' (Rovello) animated feature for D'Ocon films directed by Nick Chapman.

10 December 2006 .New recordings with Operacion Triomfo's Tessa for Filmax Music
Have begun recording with producer Jordi Cubino for the soundtrack to the animated movie 'Donkey Hote' due for release at Christmas 2007. The first track was a Pat Benatar cover 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' for the movie's trailer sung by Tessa from Spain´s Operacion Triumfo (Spain's version of the X factor)and there are more songs on the way. I'm doing some singing/ lyric adaptation and assisting Jordi in the studio too.

June 2007. Recent Singing work includes TV commercials for Blanc pescador wine
Recent singing work has included the lead voice on TV ads for Blanc Pescador white wine (from Northern Spain) and Vino Barbadillo from Andalucia in the South and backing vocals for a Nescafe campaign.

24 October 2006 Dunja Averdung and German agency 'Pool of artists' to handle bookings and live performances in Germany.
I'm really pleased to announce that Dunja Averdung who runs German Booking Agency 'Pool of Artists' will be handling live performances in Germany from November 2006. Dunja an established artist in her own right also manages several other acts including the well known guitar virtuoso Jörg Nassler. She can be reached on Tel: (0351) 848 70 85 or (0351) 206 39 32 Fax: (0351) 848 70 85 or Email.

12 October 2006 Thank you to everyone who came to the concerts in Barcelona and Osnabrück, Germany.
Joan Vinyals, Cristo Fontecilla and myself have just played a couple of gigs. The first at the Harlem Jazz club, Barcelona and the second at Osnabruck's city hall as part of the Open Strings Festival. On Sunday I gave a songwriting seminar/ workshop as part of the Festival. There were musicians from the USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, France and Belgium. The audience were great in BCN and Germany- Thank you so much... and we're really fired up about doing more live work. A very special thank you also to Peter Finger, Ingo and everyone at Wonderland Records/ Acoustic Music for being such great hosts. We had a great time.

1 October 2006. Recent voice overs for TV Ad campaigns for Seat, Port Aventura and Polaris World.
Just about to be released is a very funny commercial for the New Seat Altea XL (family car). It's too riské for terrestrial TV but the agency will use the as in Blue tooth and 'viral campaigns'. I put a miltary character voice on and enjoyed the recording. Last week I voiced the new UK TV campaigns for Port Aventura and I'm continuing to work with Polaris world as well.

25 July 2006. New World Games campaigns voiced by Alex
Following a series of promotional recordings over the last few years, I've been asked by World Games Vice- President Roland Hilfiker to be further involved voicing the World Games audiovisual/TV productions both in the run up to, and during the actual games themselves in Kaohsiung City in Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)in 2009. Under the umbrella of the International Olymic committee, the games feature 30 + plus sports including Karate, Squash and Rugby and over 3000 athletes. Over 500,000 people attended last years games in Duisburg Germany. I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Alex sings on the new Playstation 3 TV campaign featuring Fernando Alonso
Have just sung the solo voice on the new Playstation 3 ad 'Formula 1' featuring Fernando Alonso. The title of the Ad is 'Shadow' and it'll be on air soon. Had a great time recording it with Xupi and Dani from BSO studios.When I get a copy will post it online.

July 20 2006 .Feature Article in Akustik Gitarre Magazine
Uncut Diamond and other recordings are featured in this months's Akustik Gitarre Magazine. Check out more info for the full article.

25 July 2006 Gigs in Germany and Spain for September
The open strings festival at the Osnabruck Townhall Germany has been confirmed for the 30 September with a songwriting work shop the following day. There's also a concert at Barcelona's Harlem Jazz club on the 27th September. Joan Vinyals and Cristo Fontecilla will be accompanying me for the gigs. Gaby Katz will also be doing live work in dates to be announced soon.

5 April 2006. TV campaign featuring Jack Nicklaus for Polaris World among recent UK commercials voiced by Alex.
Recent Voice-Overs for British TV include a series of commercials and videos for Polaris World featuring golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, Port Aventura, Ultralase, and for the second year, Estoril tourist board, Portugal. On Spanish TV there's a Movistar campaign with a cover of the song 'Walking On Sunshine'sung by Alex.

18 April 2006 . Wonderland / Rough Trade Records release Uncut Diamond in Germany
The news from Germany is that the album is now in the major stores and the press and radio campaign has started too. There's also a big gig at the 'Open Strings' festival lined up for September and further promotion to be confirmed. Fingers crossed!

9 February 2006. Uncut Diamond tonight on BBC Radio Scotland
Uncut Diamond gets another airing on BBC Radio Scotland tonight. So many thanks to all at the Iain Anderson show. A very big thank you also to Paul Finch who is getting things moving so well in the UK. Here's a link to the play list that includes tracks by Neil Young, Damien Rice, Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor.

15 December 2005. Telefonica ad MP3
Here's an MP3 file for the chirpy Telefonica TV Ad I sung a few weeks back. The music is by Ramon Martinez and Mai. We had great fun recording it.


14 December 2005. Paco Larrañaga documentary narration.
Last week Spain's Channel 'Cuatro' premiered a special documentary about the Paco Larrañaga murder case. The documentary is a Spanish/US co-production between Media Pro and Thoughtful Robot Inc. New York. Michael Collins is the documentary's Producer. I narrated the English version to be broadcast in the Philippines and the US. The piece highlights the role of justice, religion and politics in the Philippines and presents Paco Larrañaga’s personal plea for justice from his prison cell where he has spent the last 8 years.

3 December 2005. International World Games DVD narration
I've just finished a couple of days voicing a excellently produced new DVD covering the events at the World Games held in Duisburg, Germany this year. Over 5000 athletes and officials from over 100 nations took part and there were more than 500,000 visitors. Under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee the World Games comprises 32 International sports federations including Rugby, Squash and Karate. It was great to work with World Games Vice-President Roland Hilfiker once again. We'd previously met at a recording for an International Air show audio- visual. Check out the games at

30 November. Match For Peace follow-up
Last night we went to the match and were surprised to see Former James Bond star Sean Connery at the Nou Camp seen here along side Luis Bassat and the BCN President Joan Laporta. Shimon Peres was also present at the game. They showed the Ad I'd voiced on the big screen and Sam and his mate Emilio enjoyed seeing Ronaldinho and E'to in real life!!!2-1 to Barça and a win for peace!

28 November 2005 Match For Peace
Tomorrow evening, FC Barcelona will play a team comprising Israeli and Palestinian players in a fund-raising game aimed at supporting efforts at peace between the countries. The "Match for Peace" will be held at Camp Nou stadium on Nov. 29, a day after the end of the summit in Barcelona between European Union heads of state and leaders of Mediterranean countries. I voiced the English version of the TV Ad for the the agency Bassat, Ogilvy and the production company Errecerre. It's a really nice ad so I'll try to see if I can get a downloadable copy online soon -Tomorrow is also my son Sam's Birthday and he'll be coming with me to Nou Camp. His first time at a football match.

21 November 2005. Uncut Diamond to be released in Germany
Thanks to Acoustic Music Records founder and label boss Peter Finger, Uncut Diamond is going to be released in Germany on his brand new Wonderland Records label with distribution via Rough Trade (Zomba) from January/Feb 2006. I'm really excited about seeing the response from Radio to the album and also the possibility of doing some dates in Germany in the new year. In addition to running the record company Peter is an outstanding international Composer,Producer and Guitarist and has been a key figure in promoting quality acoustic music in Germany.

20 November, new TV ads for Christmas
Recent voice-overs range from a commercial for US television featuring Antonio Banderas and his new fragrance (glamorous!) A South African toilet duck commercial (not quite so glamourous) and a Christmas ad for Scalextric (SCX) for the UK TV (somewhere in between!) On the TV music side I've just sung an commercial for Telefonica for Spain and there's a Crazy Bones sweet ad on British TV.

16 October: Gisaku premiers at Sitges Film Festival
Tonight Filmax's new animated feature Gisaku opens at the Melia Auditorium, Sitges. The Film directed by Baltasar Pedrosa, produced by Julio Fernandez and with a soundtrack by Oscar Araujo is a leading contender for the European Animation award. I was lucky to have been involved in the English language version directed by Jim Phillips in which I dubbed one of the main characters Yohei. It was a pleasure to work with Baltasar and Jim and fingers crossed the feature does really well. Also at the festival are Jodie Foster to collect a lifetime achievement award, Quentin Tarantino promoting his new film 'Hostel', and Speilberg's 'Jaws' special effects team to pick up the Special effects prize.

Pi-2 Gigs supporting Fish in Tiana
Over the summer I did a couple of gigs singing with PI-2. The first presenting their new album 'The endless journey'in Badalona and the second along side Fish and German band RPWL in Tiana to over 500 people. It was great to get back on the stage again! Here are a couple of photos from the gigs.

August 2005. New Ventura Pons film soundtrack with a song by Carles Cases and Alex Warner
Alex and Carles Cases have co written a song for the new Ventura Pons film, 'Wounded Animals'. Recording took place at Classic and New studios Barcelona and was sung by Miquel Planas. The screenplay, written by the catalan director is based in three stories from the book Sad Animals by Jordi Puntí. The leading actors include Jose Coronado, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Cecilia Rossetto, Marc Cartes, Cristina Plazas, Patricia Arredondo and Gerardo Zamora and Carles Cases composed the Soundtrack.

July 2005. Alex narrates a series of public service announcements for the United Nations featuring celebrities Richard Gere and Michael Douglas.
A year ago I was contacted by the Target production Company to voice an International TV and Radio campaign for the United Nations Millenium Goals 'Six Billion Voices' initiative. In July this year I narrated a new UN video 'Only With Your Voice' featuring the contributions of among others Richard Gere, Youssou N'Dour, Michael Douglas, Carlinhos Brown, Lenny Kravitz , Jane Goodall, Shakira, Paz Vega, VJ Armritaj and the Nobel Laureate Dr Elie Wiesel. If you'd like to download the 'Six Billion Voices' ad and find out more about this important United Nations campaign you can go to the United Nations website.

Flying Heroes wins top prize at World Animation Festival Houston
I had a new experience over the Summer when asked to direct the dubbing for a new animated feature film 'Flying Heroes'written and directed by Accio Films founder Miquel Pujol. The Spanish-Irish co-production has the top prize for 'Work In Progress' at the Houston Festival and will be in the Cinemas in around a year from now. Work is now beginning on the musical soundtrack with a score by the Quadrophenia production team.

September 14, 2005 Japan. La Fura dels Baus Metamorphosis opens with Uncut Diamond in the soundtrack
Uncut Diamond has been chosen to accompany the final scenes and credits of Fura dels Baus new production of Kafka's Metamorphosis directed by Javier Daulte. It opens in Japan this week for the Expo 2005 going on to the UK, Italy and Austria and returns for Barcelona's Grec Festival in Summer 2006. The electronic soundtrack was composed by Josep Sanou.

12 September 2005 Uncut Diamond sales in more than 10 countries
I'm pleased and surprised to say that the album has now sold in more than 10 countries, with the majority of sales coming from the US. While the numbers concerned are pretty small and I'm not giving up the day job yet!! , bearing in mind there's been almost no promotion, it's been really heartening. So thanks for your support. We're currently negotiating with a great German label for a November release. Watch this space.