Joan Vinyals

Joan Vinyals. Great guitarist, songwriter, producer and loyal friend. Joan's stunning new CD 'Vila Blauet' is an album of great beauty and integrity. An amazingly versatile musician with an unmistakeable sound of his own, Joan puts passion into everything he does. We first worked together in 1991 and Joan has played a fundamental part in everything else I've done since.


Cece Giannotti

A voice like noone else, wonderful compositions and a visionary approach to making music that never ceases to amaze. With his superb new album 'Noctambulo', Cece once again shows us his magic and mystery. I've been really lucky to have worked with Cece on both my albums. A huge talent and a supportive friend.


Sam Lardner

Beautiful melodies, storytelling lyrics and a great voice characterize the music of this singer songwriter. A musician that proves to us that'One voice, one guitar and one song'is sometimes all we need. A career that has spanned professional sport to music and back again. Friend and fellow 'familia numerosa'.

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Laura Simo (

Great jazz singer and performer. Laura is equally at home in a big band or orchestral setting as she is with a trio or duo. A high quality CD repertoire that runs from jazz through pop to soundtracks and musicals. An artist with the talent and confidence to record live and really deliver the goods. A lovely person too!


Video post production facility set in Barcelona and run by Sergi Barberá. They have an impressive track record and client list. Sergí directed the video for 'Uncut Diamond' in 35mm which was a great experience for all of us. Through their Barberá Films production company they have produced hundreds of TV ads. A wonderful family.

Barcelona Music

A new web site focussing on all things musical in Barcelona. Check it out .